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Acknowledgment, Waiver & Consent

The client recognizes that there are inherent risks in each of the procedures, and the material risks associated with the procedures.  And despite the risks, Slim BIO (Beauty Inside Out) is given authority by the client to perform the Slimming &/or Skin Care Treatments and such other related procedures. The client accepts and voluntarily assumes the risks of injury, complications, accident or death which may arise from the procedures and materials used to perform the treatments.  

If complications of any type during the treatment or after initial treament or few treaments occur, and the client willingly discontinues the treatments or the remaining sessions, Slim BIO (Beauty Inside Out) is not obliged to refund fully or partially any unused portion of the paid session.

Therefore, Slim BIO (Beauty Inside Out) is released from any and all claims, liabilities and damages sustained during the treatment and while on the client's premise.

Engagement between client & Slim BIO (Beauty Inside Out) means that the client already read, understood, agreed and thus, effect this Acknowledgment, Waiver & Consent.

And that by accessing this website, you accept and agree to be legally bound by this Acknowledgment, Waiver & Consent.  Otherwise, please do not access this site and most especially, do not employ any of Slim BIO's services and products.



1.  Client must have taken a bath already;

2.  Empty stomach at least 1-2 hours prior to treatment;

3.  No metal in the body.


1.  Frequent urination;

2.  Excessive sweating.


1.  Avoid high calorie food (no excessive pork or beef intake; more vegetables & fruits);

2.  30-60 min daily walk is highly recommended to aid toning of muscles.



1.  No Retin-A products or applications for 12 hours prior to treatment.

2.  No auto-immune therapies or products 12 hours pior to treatment.

3.  No prolonged sun exposrure to the face 24 hours prior to treatment.

4.  Do not use any waxing or hair removal creams two weeks before treatment.

5.  Treatment will not be administered to sun-burned skin.

6.  Skin should be clean and make-up free.

7.  If client has active or extreme breakout, treatment will not be administered.


1.  Use tepid water to cleanse the face for the first 48 hours following treatment & drying the area gently without rubbing.

2.  Ensure that hands are always clean when touching the treated area to avoid infections.

3.  Use hydrating serum, moisturizer and sunscreen are essential.

4.  Do not use skin products with hight acid contents

5.  Use sunblock at all times

6.  Avoid too much sun exposure

7.  Drink a lot of ionized water.


Slimming Treatment

NOT for following persons:

* Minor (child)

* Pregnant, Lactating

* Just given birth or have had surgergy less than 2 years

* With cancer (all kinds)

* With severe hypertension, with pacemaker or any heart disease

* With metal implant

* With skin or body inflammation or wound

* With asthma

* With blodd vessel hemorrhage

Skin Care Treatments

NOT for following persons:

* All of those mentioned above

* With super sensitive skin

* With allergy to soy or peanut


We do not guarantee 100% success or the same success with other clients.  Results vary from one person to another.